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We’re proud to be a Maine-based company, doing what we love for over 35 years! We’re proud of our state and proud of our product!


All our products are handmade in small batches, guaranteeing our products are always fresh, of the highest quality, and wholesome.


Becoming certified organic in 2004 was a huge accomplishment for us that we are extremely proud of.


At GrandyOats our sustainability statement guides our actions as a business. We believe we are responsible to be a good community member, in the organic industry.

At GrandyOats, we’re committed to making organic eating affordable. This family-size pack was created so the whole gang can enjoy the vital health that they deserve. The great granola inside starts with the people who make it. People who use real, 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. People who take the time to craft every small batch by hand. People who are committed to the small farms and local communities they partner with each day. People who’ve been working near the rivers and mountains of rural Maine FOR MORE THAN 35 YEARS to create the taste that nature intended.

ORGANIC matters to us.

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