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GrandyOats stands in solidarity with the Black community.
We are taking action to revise how we operate as a business to support racial justice through donations, community work, education and training, facilitation of conversation in the workplace, and networking with organizations that better connect us to the Black community. These are just a few of the first steps we are committed to.

  • GrandyOats will match employee donations to racial justice organizations totaling up to $500 per employee, per year.
  • GrandyOats will add racial justice organizations to the types of organizations we choose to support in a rotating donation program supported through revenues on our website.
  • GrandyOats will seek out other local businesses and organizations to partner with in our mutual efforts in racial justice initiatives.
  • GrandyOats will seek out businesses owned by people of color and businesses with active racial justice initiatives when contracting work.
  • GrandyOats will promote a racially and ethnically diverse staff by following consistent and proactive policies and practices of inclusivity in hiring and retention.
  • GrandyOats will administer Diversity and Inclusivity Training to any new employee as part of our on-boarding process, and will proactively train all existing employees.
  • GrandyOats will foster an environment of democratic participation by involving our employees in decision making processes regarding the company's efforts in social justice. 
  • GrandyOats will supply employees with resources on voter registration, deadlines, polling locations and events.